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UHD and XHD Virtual Tours on go visit

This is a collection of Ultra High Definition (UHD) and Extreme High Definition (XHD) Virtual Tours and Partial Panormas produced by go visit. These pictures where created from multiple camera images in the order of 60-200 shots. Some are partial panoramas and some are full 360 degree pictures. The purpose for creating these large picture is for printing and online display.

Currently available Huge Scale 360 Degree Panoramas
I created close to one hundred UHD Vitual Tours over the past few years. I think it is time to put them where we can all see the beautiful country we live in.

  • Kleinmond Harbour. Climbing onto the rocks on the far end of the harbour you get to see this spectacular view. This photo was captured just before the Harbour Road development started. In a sense this will be an Historical image of before and after. Another shot is planned in 2012 to show how everything has changed. Go Visit this place
  • Kleinmond Harbour. Still on the rocks behind the harbour. If you climb over rocks towards the sea you get to a point where you can observe the open ocean. This is quite a nice place to be during a sunset. I have seen some of the best sunsets in my life on this piece of coastline. Go Visit this place
  • Oak Valley. View of the Elgin Valley with Grabouw and Capetown towards the right and Paul Cluver to the left. The scene was shot on a cloudy day about 2 years ago. Go Visit this place
  • Oak Valley. This is a little lower down the foot of the mountain. Grabouw is to the right. The vineyards are infront. If you look carefully you can just start to make out the Iona Vineyard homestead on the horizon to the left. Go Visit this place
  • Oak Valley. Chris from Oak Valley drove us around in a Bakkie on the Oak Valley estate when we passed through this beautiful display of rolling hills, green grass and small little yellow flowers. Go Visit this place
  • Oak Valley. Towards the end of our quick trip through the spider network of dirt roads Chris stopped because there was this big old tree that I wanted to photograph. Well I got the tree but also another spectacular view of the Oak Valley farm. Go Visit this place

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